La Torre


    The Torre de Oto is a defensive construction built towards the end of the XV century. It is placed over the top of a rock, overseeing the Broto and Yosa valleys.

    During its life of five centuries, it has been used as defensive building, feudal symbol, stable and more rencently as farming warehouse.

    A thorough restoration with traditional techniques and materials has been executed by local artisans.

Stone, iron and wood reinforce the medieval taste of this unique construction.       

    At the ground floor you can find a kitchen and a toilet. The living room is on the first floor. The second floor contains a double bed room with full bathroom. The last floor contains a beautiful room where you can see the handcrafted ceiling with twin beds and a full bathroom.

    A small and convenient warehouse is two steps from the main entrance where you can find the washing machine and dryer, bicycles, etc.

    This construction, with an initial defensive purpose, has become a top quality holiday house where you can see the surrounding valleys and feel going back in time.

    A place that breathes calm.


La Torre de Oto is waiting for you